‘Apolitical Academy’ To Mentor Young Leaders For Public Service

This article originally appeared on Huffington Post South Africa

Mazibuko wants to fill the public service with skilled young people, irrespective of their political ideologies.

Former DA Parliamentary leader Lindiwe Mazibuko is not joining the ANC, as speculated by some Twitter users last week. But she is re-entering the political space by launching a new initiative, “Apolitical Academy”, to train and mentor young people entering public service, Daily Maverick reported.

Last week, there was speculation that Mazibuko had joined the ANC after she was invited to an ANC event. But she quickly shot down those rumours.

Last week, she tweeted that she and her colleagues were building a “movement” to mentor young leaders.

On Monday, Daily Maverick reported that Mazibuko’s new initiative will aim to ensure that public office in South Africa is occupied by young people “who want to make public service a force for good”.

Mazibuko told the publication that the idea was born while she was lecturing at Harvard University. She reportedly teamed up with other global leaders to found her academy. These leaders will reportedly provide behind-the-scenes support and seed funding, while Mazibuko will be the executive director, leading the pilot project in Johannesburg.

Mazibuko reportedly said she had met many people wanting to be involved in public service, but who would rather take their skills to the private sector because of the state of government.

“Sending anyone into a dysfunctional area of public service will mean condemning them to die a slow death. Rather we should think of deploying people into centres of excellence and helping these centres of excellence grow and replicate,” she reportedly said.

The academy’s candidates’ political allegiances are not important to Mazibuko.

“I’m not interested in candidates’ differing political ideologies. In fact, being able to listen to people who you disagree with and defend your position convincingly is what we’re after,” she said.

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  1. Thabelo Ramulifho
    June 10, 2018

    Where do we apply for mentorship