Lindiwe Mazibuko on Apolitical Academy: (702 Radio Interview)

This article originally appeared on 702

Former DA parliamentary leader, Lindiwe Mazibuko has launched a new initiative, called the Apolitical Academy.

The academy is dedicated to streaming young people who are socially aware, into public service.

She joined Joanne Joseph on the Afternoon Drive to share more on the project and who can get involved.

There are groups of people who are activists and activist-minded already but don’t have any roots in running for office or serving in government.

— Lindiwe Mazibuko, Former DA parliamentary leader

There is just a whole lot of existing gaps in terms of knowledge, experience as well as youth and demographic shifting around gender and age, where we can plug quality, talented, ethical people who wanted to run for office into a system that doesn’t really have a way of preparing them for a public life beyond requiring them to join a political party immediately.

— Lindiwe Mazibuko, Former DA parliamentary leader

We are launching a leadership programme that is going to be targeted towards helping ethical, transformational young people and women to transition from other sectors into politics and government.

— Lindiwe Mazibuko, Former DA parliamentary leader

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We support the development of a diverse, strong network of public leaders to contribute to the development of open, creative and vitally democratic societies everywhere. By engaging and training people to participate in the public life of their countries, Apolitical Academy hopes to revive trust in politics and government and revitalise democracies everywhere.